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Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall Kill a Cover of Radiohead Oldie ‘Ripcord’

Hedwig and the Angry Inch alums Michael C. Hall and Lena Hall, who are not related, teamed up for a one-night performance at New York’s Carlyle this weekend. The show, called “Radiohead: Obsessed,” comprised, as you might have surmised, covers of Radiohead songs, from their oft-ignored Pablo Honey to The King of Limbs. Hall (the Dexter one) recently starred in the David Bowie musical Lazarus, and Hall (the one who wasn’t in Dexter) has performed Radiohead songs on multiple occasions. Neither sounds anything like Thom Yorke. You can watch them rehearse “Ripcord,” off Pablo Honey, and Lena Hall do “Sulk,” off The Bends, in the playlist above. Then you can marvel at what a wonderful world we live in.

Dexter Kills a Cover of Radiohead’s ‘Ripcord’