Disney Says It Won’t Make R-rated Marvel Movies, So Iron Man and Captain America Will Just Have to Keep Their Sexual Tension Kid-Friendly

Publicity photo from the film

Thanks to the massive success of Deadpool, everyone’s jumping on the R-rated bandwagon: Fox already wants to up the violence in Wolverine 3 (though the studio say that was the idea even before the Merc opened his foul mouth), and rumor has it there will be an R-rated director’s cut of Batman v. Superman in which the two bone, hopefully. But not every studio is changing its squeaky-clean ways: Disney has reportedly put the brakes on plans for anything above PG-13 for its superhero movies, with CEO Bob Iger telling shareholders, “We don’t have any plans to make R-rated Marvel movies.” Which means the only way you’re ever gonna see Black Widow pegging the Hulk is in fanfic. It also means that when Civil War rolls around in May, all that obvious sexual tension underlying Tony and Cap’s lovers’ quarrel will have to remain as kid-friendly as superhumanly possible. And remember, Iron Man, language!

Disney Says It Won’t Make R-rated Marvel Movies