Don Cheadle Shares the Helpful Directing Advice He Got From Genius Filmmaker George Clooney

Don Cheadle.

Don Cheadle made his his directorial debut with the Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead — a daunting task, but fortunately, you don’t get to be Don Cheadle without crossing paths with a few hotshot Hollywood directors along the way. What advice did Cheadle’s favorite auteurs give him? All kinds! As the actor told Rhapsody, the in-flight magazine for United Airlines, Argo’s Ben Affleck counseled him to listen to his instincts when choosing a cast and crew. And Monuments Men director George Clooney instructed Cheadle to work on his fitness: “Do your push-ups, drink plenty of water, and don’t get sick.” Never say that actors turned directors are not real directors.

Don Cheadle Got Directing Advice From Clooney