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‘Donald Drumpf’ Tops Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in Google Searches

Donald Trump

With Trump racking up Super Tuesday wins, it’s not surprising that the word “Trump” has also racked up Google search wins. The New York Times reports that “Donald Trump” leads as the most searched-for candidate in the U.S. now, a surprise: For a window of time, second place went not to Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, but to the John Oliver–inspired “Donald Drumpf.” The Google Trends data, measured over a 24-hour period that ended at 2 p.m. on Super Tuesday, noted that for every 100 Trump searches, there were 25.8 Drumpfs, 20.8 Cruzes, and 18 Rubios. Over in Canada, CTV News reported similar findings: “Super Tuesday” was the top Stateside election term Googled, and Drumpf again came second. The results definitely indicate a triumph for Oliver and his nightmare-in-chief awareness campaign — but they also perhaps represent an indirect victory for Trump and his all-publicity-is-good-publicity campaign. For more on the findings, head here, and scope out the Times’ post on using Google data to track voting here.

‘Drumpf’ Tops Rubio, Cruz in Google Searches