Drake Covered Jackson Browne and Nico’s ‘These Days,’ Because He’s Also a Folk God

Because why not?

Drake is a jack-of-many-trades — one minute he’s rapping about Rihanna’s imaginary twin, the next he’s singing a folk song. Yes, you read that right. Following an early leak, Barf Troop rapper and Tumblr star Babeo Baggins has dropped her new duet with Drake, “Things I Forgot to Do,” and wouldn’t you know, it’s a goddamn semi-cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days.” That’s the same “These Days” that Nico once sang that you will definitely remember from The Royal Tenenbaums, two names we never thought would come up in the same post as one about Drake, and yet. It’s apparently got nothing to do with his upcoming Views From the 6, but was instead recorded for a covers EP Baggins has been working on for over a year. She tells Dazed that she recruited her friend (and Barf Troop fan) for the cover after introducing him to the original. “‘These Days’ is my favorite song in the world, and I showed him the song because he had never heard it. He connected with it, which explains us doing the cover,” she says. Drake doesn’t rap on this one; he’s just singing his little heart out, sounding sentimental as ever.

Drake Covered Jackson Browne’s ‘These Days’