Drake, Toronto Raptors Hype Man, Trash-talked a Bulls Player Into a Turnover Last Night

Jay Z isn’t the only rapper who, when sitting courtside, suddenly thinks he’s a coach. We recently saw Hov chide the Clippers’ Chris Paul for running the same play four times, but last night, Drake took fan interference to a new level. The Toronto Raptors ambassador (a.k.a. hype man), on a rare break from fantasizing about Rihanna, stopped by a Raptors home game against the Chicago Bulls to get a closer view of his 6. Naturally, Drake couldn’t just sit there gazing at the players like Rih would — he had to get in on the action. So much so that he can be seen here unsubtly shit-talking the Bulls’ Justin Holiday while the Raptors were down, with seconds left in the fourth quarter, to such great effect that he actually forced a Bulls turnover. (The Raptors still lost, though.) But can you blame Holiday for getting tripped up? Imagine Drake whispering sweet nothings into your ear while you’re at work. Let’s just say we’d need more than five seconds to recover.

Drake Trash-talks the Bulls Into a Turnover