Ellen DeGeneres, Hero for the People, Asks Netflix and HBO to Air Dying Comedian’s Stand-up Special

Back in January, incredible human Ellen DeGeneres won her umpteenth People’s Choice Award, but this time for Favorite Humanitarian — and dammit, she just won’t stop with the inspiring gestures. On Tuesday’s show, she invited Quincy Jones (no, not that one), a 32-year-old comedian who was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer in 2015 and given one year to live. Before he dies, he has set a goal to film one final stand-up special, which will likely happen now thanks to a Kickstarter — which has far exceeded its goal — and his new BFF Ellen, who presented Jones with a check for $10,000 (that’s kind of her thing). She also took her generosity a step further, imploring both Netflix and HBO to air Quincy’s comedy show after he’s filmed it in April. And trust us, if there’s one person you want pitching your comedy show to the suits, it’s 100 percent Ellen. What fool has ever said no to Ellen? Your move, Netflix and HBO.

Ellen: Netflix, Air Dying Comedian’s Stand-up