Eminem Performed ‘Fack’ for the First Time, Did Not Do the Gerbil Bit to No One’s Disappointment

You know what they say about Brazil: Come to their fans and they’ll go apeshit no matter what you do — power Eminem gleefully abused over the weekend when he performed at Lollapalooza Brazil. Normally, Em’s encore ends not with his actual song “Encore/Curtains Down,” but with the Oscar-winning “Lose Yourself.” But he apparently figured Brazil deserved something decidedly not Oscar-worthy, so instead he performed “Fack” for the first time ever to close out his headlining performance. Yes, “Fack,” that universally abhorred extended-rap porno in which Eminem enjoys some gerbil-assisted ass play (take note, Kanye), off 2005’s Curtain Call, which most stans like to pretend doesn’t exist. He always threatened to remind the world of the “greatest fucking song he ever made”; it seems Brazil just drew the short stick. Expect a special reenactment of that gerbil bit to open facking Rio 2016.

Eminem Performed ‘Fack’ for the First Time