Even Jay Z Has One of John Oliver’s ‘Make Donald Drumpf Again’ Hats

A couple weeks ago, John Oliver ran a Last Week Tonight segment about Donald Trump where he announced he’d be selling “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hats, and during his visit to last night’s Late Show, he updated Stephen Colbert about just how successful the Drumpf campaign has been. Not only has the show sold over 35,000 of the hats (“What’s funnier than not making any money on an unexpected, inexplicable hit?”), but they’re potentially about to get even more successful after HBO sent one to Jay Z’s people after they requested a Drumpf hat of their own: “HBO had said, ‘Is it okay if we send him one?’ And they were already running out, and I did say ‘Well be careful, because if he puts that on his head in public, you’re gonna need more hats. And if his wife puts it on in public, we are no longer a TV show – we’re a hat manufacturing company.’”

Even Jay Z Has One of John Oliver’s ‘Make Donald […]