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Robin Wright Is an Actual Freakin’ Goddess in Wonder Woman

Just when you thought you couldn’t care more about Wonder Woman over a couple superhero dudes scuffling, EW has the first look at the badass squad of women who whipped Diana Prince into shape. Here’s Gal Gadot, shield in hand and wearing your next Halloween costume, alongside Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta a.k.a. Wonder Woman’s mom), Force Majeure’s Lisa Loven Kongsli (Melanippe, Wonder Woman’s aunt), and … Robin Wright?! Yes, the Robin Wright, who plays literal goddess General Antiope, Wonder Woman’s aunt who taught Diana everything she knows about ballbusting. Just look at her: It’s like the cosplay of Claire Underwood’s dreams. This is also a very sepia-toned first look at Themyscira, the Amazonian island Wonder Woman called home. We hear there’s a certain warrior princess being brought back to TV; Robin, you busy?

Photo: Clay Enos/DC Comics via Entertainment Weekly
First Look at Robin Wright in Wonder Woman