First Look at Footage From Sam Kinison’s Last Filmed Performance

Before tragically dying in a car accident at age 38 in April 1992, Sam Kinison was a force of nature never before seen in comedy, and arguably never seen since (though, if you’ve ever seen Leslie Jones’s stand-up, she comes close). That’s why it’s so exciting that Comedy Dynamics and Hulu are working together to release a collection of his work. The box set, which comes out on April 29, will include filmed live specials Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules, Sam Kinison: Family Entertainment Hour, Sam Kinison: Live in Vegas, Brother Sam: A Tribute to Sam Kinison, and Sam Kinison: Bally’s Hotel; a documentary; and his albums, Louder Than Hell, Have You Seen Me Lately, and Leader of the Banned. Breaking the Rules, Family Entertainment Hour, Live in Vegas, and Brother Sam will also be available on Hulu on March 8, 15, 22, and 29, respectively. (Watch Kinison’s 1987 special Breaking the Rules now!

Also included in the box set is the footage from Kinison’s last filmed performance, taped about two weeks before the accident, at Upland, California’s Grove Theatre. Vulture has the exclusive first look at this footage. In the clip, Kinison doesn’t defend Jeffrey Dahmer, but he does somewhat celebrate how definitive his crime was. The footage might be grainy, but in it you can still see the tremendous vitality Kinison performed with.

Footage From Kinison’s Last Filmed Performance