The Hamilton Cast Had a Great Time at the White House [Updated]

Are you ready for a cabinet meeting? Photo: HamiltonMusical/Twitter

The Hamilton cast could’ve been anywhere in the world this week, but they chose Washington, D.C.: Monday was the day the cast visited the White House, and they couldn’t help sharing the moments via social media. Highlights included Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of his cabinet touring D.C., taking over Mobama’s social media, and reinventing the original magic on home turf. Watch the colossal, eloquent, loudmouthed baller be seated at the right hand of Obama — below!

The whole stream is still available here:

Update: But more specifically, here’s Obama’s Hamilton introduction:

Miranda’s special freestyle in the Rose Garden:

And the cast’s performances of “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot”:

Sometimes being president — and the First Lady — has its perks.

This post has been updated throughout.

Hamilton Cast Visits White House, Has Lot of Fun