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Hey, Look, Here’s a Very Happy Harrison Ford Having a Great Time Dodging Han Solo and Indiana Jones Questions

(If you haven’t seen Star Wars: Episode VII yet, spoilers still follow — also, what.)

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Harrison Ford (kind of) began to address Han Solo’s dramatic Force Awakens moment: “I argued for 30 years for this to happen, and finally I wore ’em down.” But then, when asked if that meant the character wouldn’t appear in any other Star Wars sequels, Ford countered by sealing his lips and throwing away the key. As it turns out, most other questions Kimmel lobbed — like, Favorite MC Hammer song? and What does he know about the new Indiana Jones film? — were also unanswerable. But, whatever, you should still roll the clip above to see how this national treasure dodged everything and briefly lost his mind over a sliding door.

Here’s Harrison Ford Semi-Talking About Han Solo