Harrison Ford Shared Some Words of Wisdom on Ellen for Those Auditioning for Young Han Solo: ‘Don’t Do It’

That’s how you know Harrison Ford and Chewbacca are such good friends off camera: He knew Chewie’s Ellen mug would be filled with hair if he had sipped out of it. So sweet. Ford stopped by Ellen Monday to translate for Chewbacca, which, wait, was that his role this entire time? Chewbacca was the star and Han Solo merely his means of communication? Huh — something to think about. Anyway, it would be great to hear Chewie’s take on Harrison Ford’s suggestion that actors hoping to be the young Han Solo shouldn’t bother, but it would be better to hear his thoughts on who should be the new Chewbacca. Who’s tall and hairy, and would carry you around on his back if all your limbs got disassembled? Hmm. Oh, duh: Joe Manganiello. That it took even a second to put that together is humiliating.

Harrison Ford Shares Some Wisdom on Ellen