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Henry Cavill Redesigned Superman’s Costume So He Could Pee, an Ongoing Problem Facing All Our Superheroes

It seems like we have the capacity to build a superhero wiener flap, right? We have the technology. The technology is there. Last night, Henry Cavill expounded on the bathroom-related problem affecting his Superman costume, namely that is impossible to pee without 20 minutes of prep work. The most absurd part of his tale is that it’s basically identical to the anecdote Christian Bale recently shared in which he warned Ben Affleck about the exact same thing. “It’s essential,” Bale told E! Online about donning the cape and cowl. “You don’t feel much like a superhero when someone else has to help you pee.” What is happening? We have the capacity to fabricate and destroy entire worlds onscreen, and the actors still have to frantically claw at their tights with only seconds to spare before they wet themselves? Do not say they can’t make an artful, aesthetically pleasing, canon wiener flap, because it’s just not true. Don’t you dare. 

Henry Cavill’s Superman Ran Into Peeing Problems