David Hasselhoff Visits the Set of Baywatch, the First Movie to Be Adapted Entirely From Instagram Photos

Baywatch, a film reboot of a TV show, both of which can be summarized with a parade of five muscle emoji, recently got a visit from the original sexy lifeguard, David Hasselhoff. The Hoff has some sort of small role in the film, which stars rivals the Rock and Zac Efron, with hair inspiration Priyanka Chopra as the villain. Alexandra Daddario is also involved somehow. Enough talk. Let’s get to the photos.

Here are two Mitches. Mitch Buchannon is the name of the Hoff’s character on Baywatch, the 1989-2001 TV show. Mitch Buchannon is also the name of the Rock’s character on Baywatch, the 2017 movie. This is complicated stuff. Try to keep track.

The Mitches also appear in this photo, but with different lighting and at a different angle. It’s like when Kim K and Amber Rose uploaded the two versions of the same selfie, but with men. Bay watching men. Bay watchers.

One imagines an annunciation: The angel Hoff visits the young, untutored Efron. Born shall be a new generation of thirst trap. Joy to the world. May the bay receive its king.

The Hoff Visits the Set of Baywatch