The Best Moments From House of Cards Season 3 in 20 GIFs

Frank Underwood, plotting more deceit. Photo: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

It’s that time again: Election season! For both the U.S. and the incumbent in the Netflix world, Frank Underwood. #FU2016 resumes on March 4, when House of Cards season four arrives right on campaign schedule to politick alongside Donald Trump. How’s Francis doing in the polls? To know that, we have to rewind back to season three, where all those decades of behaving despicably finally caught up to our least favorite commander-in-chief and First Lady. As a quick refresher, we’ve once again recapped all the best — and most likely essential to season four — moments from last season in 20 GIFs. (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)

Episode 1, “Chapter 27”
Doug Stamper lives! And he’s taken a pretty hard (yet creative) fall off the wagon of sobriety.

Episode 2, “Chapter 28”
The First Lady, denied her appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, schemes her way there anyway — but not before the first of many walks of shame amid the press.

Episode 3, “Chapter 29”
Even at a fictionalized state dinner with a fake (albeit very Putin-inspired) Russian president, Pussy Riot will riot.

Not that Viktor Petrov didn’t deserve it; he’s a creep who gets Frank’s entire cabinet hammered then kisses Claire just to be smug.

Episode 4, “Chapter 30”
Solicitor General Heather Dunbar pulls a fast one on Frank.

Naturally, Frank reacts by breaking Jesus.

Episode 6, “Chapter 32”
Gay-rights activist Michael Corrigan, a prisoner of Petrov’s Russian government, commits suicide after refusing to read the White House’s prepared apology for his release.

Claire, in a rare moment of genuine empathy, defies Petrov — in turn, sabotaging Frank’s months-in-the-making peace deal.

Episode 7, “Chapter 33”
Frank and Claire’s marriage is now one flinch away from divorce.

Nothing a cry for help, er, short-lived new dye-job can’t fix!

Episode 9, “Chapter 35”
Frank Underwood, having made it to the presidency without a single vote, finally has to run for election.

Stamper’s life, meanwhile, continues to unravel without a President to commit crimes for.

Episode 10, “Chapter 36”
Frank nearly has another bisexual encounter — this time with his shady biographer, Thomas Yates.

Cashew returns! Only, Gavin’s abandoned her while on the run from the FBI, having been sucked into Stamper’s search for Rachel.


Episode 11, “Chapter 37”
Jackie Sharp betrays Frank Underwood, who tricked her into a fake presidential run under the promise that he’d make her his vice president in return.

Remy Danton, fed up with the way Frank mistreated Jackie, resigns from the White House — and politics, entirely.

Episode 12, “Chapter 38”
Remy and Jackie get back together! Only problem: She’s married now.

With White House chief of staff now Stamper’s for the taking, he regains Frank’s trust by finally destroying the evidence of Claire’s abortion that Stamper gave to Dunbar to expose.

Episode 13, “Chapter 39”
Stamper ties up loose ends once and for all and buries Rachel, literally.

Claire, now ousted as ambassador to the U.N. and feeling subordinate to her husband, leaves Frank mid-campaign.

On to November!

House of Cards Season 3 in 20 GIFs