HTGAWM Recap: The Truth About Annalise’s Baby

How to Get Away With Murder

There’s My Baby
Season 2 Episode 14
Editor’s Rating 4 stars

How to Get Away With Murder

There’s My Baby
Season 2 Episode 14
Editor’s Rating 4 stars
Matt McGorry as Asher, Liza Weil as Bonnie. Photo: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Friendships! What in the natural hell did we just watch? OMG! I spent the last hour alternating between crying and screaming. I’m going to go out on a limb right now and say that How to Get Away With Murder is one of the best shows on TV. Viola Davis is a beast in the acting game, HTGAWM has incredible twists that you can’t see coming, and they make you so invested in each character. This show is killing it right now and “There’s My Baby” is the best episode of the season. Let’s not waste another minute and get right into it, shall we?

We open with Philip and Anna struggling. She fights him, then runs out and goes to the police station. Not going to lie; that was a little anti-climatic, but I guess they didn’t want to force Anna to murder anyone. During the fight, Philip has the strength of an AARP dude who missed a month’s worth of Centrum Silvers. So like I said, Anna is at the police station. Eve and Wes arrive, which sends us to another flashback. Eve and Anna watch Young Wes get interrogated. The cops think that the Mahoneys are behind Rose’s death. Damn. Anna is screwed. Cut back to the present as Annalise arrives home. The Keating 5 are concerned and she tells them not to go anywhere by themselves until Philip is caught. Eve says that Anna needs to tell Wes the truth, then she asks her to come back to NYC. Anna is like, “But Nate is going to take care of me.”

Poor Eve. She’s still in love with Anna, who just doesn’t care enough to commit to a lez-be-honest relationship for life. But Eve isn’t the only one who is sad — Michaela is too, because Caleb is missing. This is only kind of sad, though; we don’t know that much about him. I mean, I like him, but it’s hard to be emotional for her when Wes and Anna keep sneaking looks at each other. What is going on? Is she finally going to tell him he didn’t murder his mom so he can stop being hella Dashboard Confessional, a.k.a. emo AF? Not yet. We head to another flashback.

Anna is being stank as heck to Frank because she just saw Rose kill herself. Makes sense, but Frank doesn’t know this, so he’s really bummed and then goes to the hotel bar to smash some random lady. This isn’t Flaurel, but it is Charlie Weber, so my vajeen and I are like:

Anyway, while he’s getting his rocks off, Papa Mahoney, a.k.a. Wallace, is in Anna’s hotel and threatens to fire her if she gets out of line. I’m pretty sure he would kill her, too. Something is up with this rich dude and I’m afraid for everyone’s lives. Back to the present. Eve is concerned for Annalise’s life and takes it out on Nate. They two of them fight and Anna is pretty much over all of it. Eve goes to leave and Bonnie tells Anna that ADA Denver wants to question the Keating 5 (minus Asher because he wasn’t in the video) about the night of Sinclair’s death. Yikes. Anna is like, “Just don’t say anything and y’all be fine.” We see a montage of him asking the students all sorts of questions and they’re just like:

So, Denver gets no information. He is utter trash at job but somehow still has it, which is how I was when I was an administrative assistant and I would come in super late and take personal calls at my desk. My question is this: If Denver is trying so hard, how is he as ineffective as I was at my job when I didn’t care at all? The Keating 4 return to the house and Asher suggests to Bonnie that he turn himself in. Frank is in the room and Bonnie is like, “None of this would be happening if it weren’t for the person who killed Lila.” Frank knows his number is up, so he and Bonnie talk in private — and by “talk,” I mean he threatens her to keep her mouth shut. Anna sees them leaving a room and Bonnie says they were just talking about Laurel.

Annalise can’t handle the stress of Wes, so she just drinks a bunch of vodka and avoids him. Wes, in turn, is avoiding Laurel. When she badgers him to talk, he shows her the page from the police report. He doesn’t appreciate being lied to. They return to the living room, where Asher is thanking everyone for protecting him. Connor wants to stop talking about this because Oliver is on his way over and he knows nothing and Con wants to keep it that way. Back in Anna’s office, Anna is ignoring Eve’s texts and Nate tells her that Philip is still missing. She continues to drink and we head to another flashback.

She is still reeling from Rose’s death and calls Eve. She wants Eve to tell the police that Rose killed herself because of the Mahoneys. Eve rightfully says no because it’s going to be too easy to trace this back to Anna and the family is clearly dangerous. I know Anna wants to do well, but there has to be another solution, right? Not in Anna’s eyes. She storms out of the hotel room, then gets in a car to head to the police station to talk to Agent Kain. Before she drives off, she calls to let the po-po know she’s on her way. She hangs up. And just then, a driver crashes into her. NO!!

While this is happening, Tom is counseling Bonnie to not be a nervous wreck around boys. This cute scene is cut short when he gets a call about Anna’s accident. Anna is being rushed into the OR and she’s panicking about the baby. We find out that the doctors can’t locate the heartbeat, but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance the baby is alive. Uh oh, guys …

We jump back to the present. Anna is full-on drunk and Asher is being questioned by Denver. Once again, Denver is sucking at his job. The rest of the Keating crew plus Oliver hang back and talk. Connor is so afraid Oliver is going to learn all the horrible things they’ve done, so Laurel tells Ollie that Frank shot Anna and framed Catherine for it. Okay, look: I get that Laurel is mad at Frank for killing Lila, but Laurel needs to shut up. She is acting out of spite and she is really going to screw some shit up. UGH! Meanwhile, Bonnie confronts her and wants to know why Wes is being so fiercely protected. I want to know the same thing. We need answers and Anna is hiding in her office. Anyway, she’s had enough and kicks everyone out … except for Wes. Whoa! We might finally learn the truth.

Per Anna’s orders, the Keating 4 plus Oliver go to a bar. They’re all drinking and dancing when Oliver tells Con that he quit his job and wants to work for Anna.

If Oliver gets that job, he’s going to die within 23 minutes. How about this fool stop chasing waterfalls? Back at Anna’s house, she and Wes drink and she tells him the truth. During this confession, we see parts of the flashback. While the doctors perform an emergency C-section on Anna to remove the baby and do CPR on him, Eve is pleading with the nurse to get an update, but the nurse is like, “You’re not family, so I can’t tell you anything.” What an annoying rule in this situation. If I were Eve, I would’ve been like, “I dined on her vajeen. That makes me some kind of family.” But Eve is also not ignorant and I am so … moving on. Next, we see Sam arrive and the nurse whisks him away. We cut back to the OR. The baby is dead. I am Niagara Falls right now. Anna blames herself for Rose’s death and for her baby’s death because her ambition to win led to all this trauma. Damn. The doctor lets Anna hold her deceased baby and Tom walks in. Uh oh. They’re both crying hard and I’m not ready for this mess. She won’t let Sam be tender with her because she feels guilty.

(Sidebar: Viola Davis and Tom Verica need to win all the awards for this scene. Holy hell, they acted the mess out of this. So heartbreaking. Back to the recap.)

The nurse takes a picture of the three of them; she says it helps the family to have one picture. Oof. After this is over, she begs the nurse to take the baby away. Tom goes to get a snack so Anna can eat something. Eve sees him and asks for an update. He tells her what happened and she starts crying. He then says that he’s taking Anna home and that the Mahoneys have to find another lawyer. Devastating all around. Wes is sad, but he’s doesn’t believe her about everything. He doesn’t think that the pressure to testify would make his mom commit suicide.

That’s when we flash back to the night Wallace confronted Anna in her hotel home. They are going at it and she’s like, “Rose said that she was afraid you were going to hurt her son. Why would she kill herself to stop you from hurting her son?” WHY THE HELL, INDEED. That’s when we learned that Wallace raped Rose!

In fact, he sexually assaulted her so much that he got her pregnant — WHAT?! — and WES. IS. HIS. SON. Oh my God. That is so tragic. Poor Wes and poor Rose. How is Wes going to deal with knowing he’s the product of a rape? Damn, I kind of wish Annalise lied here. Oof.

Let’s take a breath, folks. Okay, good. Ready to continue?

We return to the bar. Michaela is drunk and trying to contact Caleb, who is still not picking up his phone. Sucks to be her. Every relationship she’s in, bad things happen to the dudes. She’s bad luck. Anyway, Asher sees her and is trying to comfort her in his own bro way, which means he makes a terrible joke. He apologizes and tells her to take the stress out by punching him. She does several times and then she … starts … rubbing … his … chest. They drunkenly kiss and then go into the bathroom and bone. Whoa! I was not expecting this hookup. Not mad about it, though. I’m curious to see where this will go.

Meanwhile, Wes is researching online at a cafe. Bonnie goes to Frank. She figured out that Sam, not Annalise, was the one who had him kill Lila. Laurel is completely wasted, shows up at Anna’s, and says that Frank told her that Anna made him kill Lila. Laurel? I’ve got a message for you:






Like, is she trying to get Frank killed? I am so done with her. Anyway, Anna throws Laurel out, then she packs a suitcase and heads to her mom’s house.

Alrighty, what did you think of the episode? Anyone else game for Masher, a.k.a. Michaela and Asher?