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The beginnings of Waurel?? Photo: Nicole Wilder/ABC

After seeing Annalise hold her dead baby in her arms last week, what other way will How to Get Away With Murder (and specifically, Viola Davis) find to destroy us? Whose murder will these crazy kids get away with this time? And is it time to let go of Flaurel and embrace Waurel (Wes and Laurel) and Masher (Michaela and Asher)? Vulture How to Get Away With Murder recapper Phoebe Robinson will be here to cry and scream through every minute of the season-two finale with you. Join our live-blog, starting tonight at 10 p.m. EST.


Guest: I am beyond tired of Wes, but he has the worst luck on the dead parent front.


Phoebe Robinson: Just then Wallace gets shot in the head in dies!


Phoebe Robinson: Snap. Wes is in NYC. He sees Wallace and says, “I think I’m your son.”

Phoebe Robinson: Damn. Looks like he did.

Phoebe Robinson: Did he skip town because he knew a target was on his back?

Phoebe Robinson: Laurel goes to Frank’s place. He’s not there.

Phoebe Robinson: Wait. Did Anna just tell Bonnie to kill Frank?????

Phoebe Robinson: And that is why Frank killed Lila for Sam.

Phoebe Robinson: Sam tells Frank that he can never tell her what the truth is. WOW!

Phoebe Robinson: NOOOOOOOO! Frank confesses to Sam about tapping Anna’s fault. He realizes that the car crash was the work of Wallace.

Phoebe Robinson: WHAT. THE. HELL. IS. OLIVER. DOING? Why the heck did he call Stanford as Connor and then turn down the acceptance.

Phoebe Robinson: This show is crazy!!! I love it! Didn’t see this coming.

Phoebe Robinson: Then we see Caleb dead in a bathtub. He bled out. Did he kill himself OR did Bonnie handle this?!?!?! OMG!

Guest: So many surprises!

Phoebe Robinson: Right?!?!?! Me, too! I’m like…

Phoebe Robinson: Anna wants to make a deal: free me in exchange for getting credit to jailing Caleb. What is going on?!?!? Is this real life????

Guest: My jaw has officially dropped.

Phoebe Robinson: I can’t believe it!! Catherine admits that her and Caleb used to do first base stuff except the night that Helena was killed. So she didn’t say anything about the night Caleb killed their parents because she was in love with him. WUT?????

Phoebe Robinson: We flashback: Phillip says that Caleb killed Helena Hapstall.He tracked him via the fitness tracker.

Phoebe Robinson: Anna returns to town and meets with ADA Denver. He knows everything Anna did on the Hapstall case. She’s like, “Bish, this case ain’t gonna stick. Caleb is a serial killer.”

Phoebe Robinson: Anna seems paralyzed, but Michaela calls and Anna picks up. The informant is Caleb. DA. HELL???

Phoebe Robinson: He gives her back her phone. She charges it and listens to all the voicemails that everyone has left her.

Phoebe Robinson: She doesn’t care about the apology and wants to know why he’s here. I feel like as much as she hates Mac, they’re very similar.

Phoebe Robinson: The next morning, Anna’s dad, Mac, wants to talk to Anna. He apologizes.

Phoebe Robinson: Agreed. She is a beast and has been killing it all season. Wouldn’t be surprised if she won the Emmy again.

Phoebe Robinson: Awww, Anna and Sam named their son Sam Jr.

Guest: Viola Davis deserves every acting award ever.

Phoebe Robinson: Watching Viola and Cicely act together is the definition of #BlackExcellence

Phoebe Robinson: I like that Ophelia did this. Finally, Anna is pouring all these emotions out that she’s been keeping inside all these years.

Phoebe Robinson: Back in the present: the Keating 5 finds out who the rat is but we cut away to see Ophelia waking Anna up to have her write a letter to her dead son and bury the note.

Phoebe Robinson: OMG! That was no drunk driver that hit Anna. That was a planned car crash. I cannot. Handle. This!

Phoebe Robinson: Flashback: we see Lisa listening in on Anna and Eve talking about Mahoney. Lisa then calls Wallace. DAAAAAAAAAMN and he tells her to take care of it.

Phoebe Robinson: Ophelia goes, “The reason why life feels so hard is that you are trying to do everything alone.” OOOH. Real effing talk.

Phoebe Robinson: Annalise then tells her mom that she wanted to get sot and basically implies that she wanted to die.

Phoebe Robinson: I will say that Nate is cute and is a good bae for Annalise. Love that he is there for her.

Phoebe Robinson: Anna tells Ophelia she had a baby, but that he died. DEVASTATING!!!!!!

Phoebe Robinson: Bonnie and Frank are drinking and confiding in each other. Love their friendship. I hope they don’t end up boning.

Phoebe Robinson: Ophelia then tells Anna that maybe the reason her and Sam didn’t have kids is because she acts like a baby. OUCH! Not fair. Her dad walked out. Why does she have to be nice to him???

Phoebe Robinson: We know Frank can’t be the rat here, so who is it? Connor? He’s been over Anna for a looooooong time and he and Oliver are planning on skipping town.

Phoebe Robinson: Oliver hacked into the police’s system to look at her warrant and most of the info is redacted. And the Keating 5 is like the one of the reasons it would be redacted is if someone around is an informant and they suspect one of them is the rat.

Phoebe Robinson: Excuse me while I swallow my barf after Ophelia calls her ex, “Big Daddy.”

Phoebe Robinson: Dang, Michaela stops them from boning. #BlueBalled

Phoebe Robinson: Asher and Michaela have a convo saying that they need to pretend the sex didn’t happen. And then they proceed to bone. I’m #TeamMasher

Phoebe Robinson: Back to present. So Frank still has the money? Weird.

Phoebe Robinson: Flashback time: Who is this Lisa woman and why is she trying to go after Annalise??????? Frank, you shouldn’t have turn on her, boo.

Phoebe Robinson: Also, couldn’t have Nate GChatted Annalise instead of driving to her to ask her to come home? This is a waste of BP gas and now he’s stay with Anna at her mom’s house.

Phoebe Robinson: Oooooh, Celestine calling Annalise out for not helping her take care of their mom. #GoodPoint

Phoebe Robinson: Sooooooo, Frank’s face is telling me he knew that Wallace is Wes’s dad????

Phoebe Robinson: I’m also glad Laurel confessed to Frank that she kissed Wes.

Phoebe Robinson: Wes going to NYC to try and find out about Wallace Mahoney is not a good idea. I’m glad that Laurel talks him out of this!

Phoebe Robinson: Wes and Laurel are talking and I’m over this. Give me back Flaurel!!!

Phoebe Robinson: I get Anna’s anger, but Ophelia is getting up there, so if she wants some companionship with somebody, it might has well be her ex-husband.

Phoebe Robinson: So Anna’s mom and pops are back together and Anna ain’t happy because he left them once before.

Phoebe Robinson: Back to the present. There’s an arrest warrant out for Anna and Bonnie stops the Keating 5 to hack into the po-po to find out what the warrant is about.

Phoebe Robinson: OMG! He put a bug in Anna’s hotel room.

Phoebe Robinson: Btdubs, Annalise is so mean to Frank in these flashbacks!!

Phoebe Robinson: So Lisa is bribing Frank with a gym bag of money to do something that will maybe screw Annalise off???

Phoebe Robinson: WHOA! That’s Anna’s pops? And she straight ignores him and leaves the room. Bet she wishes she back with the Keating 5 & dealing with their low stakes Looney Tunes buffoonery.

Phoebe Robinson: Damn, her family members are wearing Sam’s clothes? Annalise’ mom shouldn’t have done that. #Awkward

Phoebe Robinson: Annalise’s family is like Barack Obama last year of his Presidential term black. I. Love. It.

Phoebe Robinson: Her sister’s name is Celestine? Why they all have “The Color Purple” names?

Phoebe Robinson: I love Annalise’s old bedroom.

Phoebe Robinson: These shirtless Frank flashbacks got me like ready to go half on a baby and a Blue Apron subscription with him.

Phoebe Robinson: Keating 5 wants to find Annalise while Laurel’s trifling heaux ass knows why Anna bounced. #GirlBye

Phoebe Robinson: Season two finale starting now. Pray to Black Jesus aka Serena Williams’ eyebrows. #Eep

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