Iggy Azalea Swears Not Everyone Hates Her, and Who Would Lie to Andy Cohen About That?

Brave soul Iggy Azalea made her Watch Happens Live debut last night, playing a round of Plead the Fifth and answering a handful of invasive questions, like whether her current athlete fiancé is a better lay than her rapper ex. (She obviously went with the dude who put a ring on it.) Naturally, Andy Cohen also got her to spill the tea on her many, many, many, many celebrity feuds, the bulk of which she swears are all in our heads. (It’s the media, dammit!) So here’s the current status of all of Iggy’s beefs:

Britney Spears: They “never had a fight,” but Britney’s people did once screen Iggy’s house for “bad influences” before Brit came over and had a life-changing salad, apparently.
Nicki Minaj: “Let me know when someone says my name.” (Her clap back: She and Nicki use the same amount of songwriters, so there.)
Macklemore: “Yeah, you should’ve [called], and you still didn’t. So what’s up with that?”
T.I.: “Still good!”
Snoop Dogg: She’d work with him now, but only because they’ve since squashed their beef and used to be friends.
Eminem: Yeah, no.
Azealia Banks:

And there you have it, folks. Iggy Azalea: everyone’s BFF.

Iggy Azalea Swears Not Everyone Hates Her