time traveling bong

Ilana Glazer’s Time Traveling Bong Will Make You Wonder: Which Historical Figures Would Be Fun to Get High With?

Photo: Comedy Central

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ilana Glazer teased her new show Time Traveling Bong, which sounds like all the weed scenes from Broad City plus time travel. The Comedy Central show will follow two cousins (Glazer and Paul Downs) who discover the titular time-traveling bong and embark on pot-fueled adventures, presumably getting high with people from the past. Glazer gave us a preview of where and when the stoner cousins would be visiting. “We go the Salem witch trials, obvs. We meet Michael Jackson. We go to paleo times, which in real life, I’m like, I would kill it in paleo times. I would rule my tribe. And then we go to the future,” she told EW. Were people getting high in paleo times? I guess there wasn’t much to do but hunt and gather and make cave paintings, but if you made cave paintings while stoned, how fun would that be? As for the Salem witch trials, maybe weed is what made those girls hallucinate? Hm. Certainly a question worth asking! We’ll have to wait until 4/20 (yup, that’s when it comes out) to see where else Glazer time travels, but you know there are some historical figures with whom it would be super fun to get high. Here’s a short list of people from history who we hope Glazer lights up with: Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dalí, E.E. Cummings, Eugène Ionesco, Virginia Woolf, William Carlos Williams, and Thomas Pynchon.

Ilana Glazer Teases Time Traveling Bong