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New Inside Amy Schumer Teaser Offers Up a Few of the Many NSFW Moments That Await You in Season 4

Are you ready for it to be Amy Schumer season again? Amy Schumer is! The latest teaser for Inside Amy Schumer gets to the heart of show: There are so many different swears and bodily fluids, it’s hard to keep track! The teaser comes after an earlier promo that played up the anticipation you have about that other show returning in April and whether some dude is dead. What does this mean for the state of feminism, comedy, and race in contemporary America? We’ll find out April 21.

Also, given the fact that Schumer was absolutely everywhere in 2015 — both onscreen and, umm, online — the first promo for the show wondered if she might be a little too overexposed. The best cure for that might be to go away for a bit, but, as Amy explains, sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

See a New Teaser for Inside Amy Schumer Season 4