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Watch James Corden Take Over a Random House for The Late Late Show, Invite a Bunch of Celebs Over to Play Hide-and-Seek

“Tonight is our last show of our first year on the air,” Corden said, at the top of the latest Late Late Show, “and to celebrate we’re going to take the show to the people.” What ensued was an homage to a special remote that aired last year, during the show’s second week. (Remember Tommy O’Haver, director of Ella Enchanted? Roll the clip above to refresh your memory.) Last April, Corden got acquainted with his new gig by experimenting with the late-night format right away, infiltrating a semi-random house for a more intimate, DIY feel — the result was a slightly tweaked episode, still complete with celebrity guests, games, and live music.

Wednesday night’s installment played similarly to the original, with the LLS convincing a friendly CBS neighbor named Natalie to let the production team set up shop and facilitate hijinks. (After a couple funny failed attempts elsewhere, of course.) As you’ll see, Natalie and her roommates were happy to help:

In exchange for their space, they witnessed celebrity guests Colin Farrell talking about his old roommates, Wanda Sykes explaining the true powers of a Colin kiss, Demi Lovato performing “Stone Cold,” and Jungle Jack Hanna turning their living room into an exotic-but-dangerous place. All that, from the comfort of their now-star-stained couch, plus an emotionally scarring, attic-wrecking game of hide-and-seek:

Demi Lovato on The Late Late Show with James... by sarah-h1

The only thing missing was some “Carpool Karaoke,” but the good news is there’s a special dose of that coming very soon. (You’ll be able to catch more highlights from this episode here, as they become available in the morning.) Till then: Happy almost-anniversary, James.

Watch Corden Take Over a Random House for LLS