Jason Sudeikis Plays Thomas Edison in the Latest Episode of ‘Great Minds with Dan Harmon’

Here’s the newest episode of Dan Harmon’s History channel series Great Minds, where Spencer brings back famous inventor Thomas Edison (Jason Sudeikis) for a chat with Harmon. After discussing his invention of the phonograph and playing back his recording of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” Harmon honors Edison’s request to go and record a new version, but after their ride over to the recording studio (in Harmon’s rental Tesla), Edison’s less likable traits begin to reveal themselves: “Thomas Alva Edison: The greatest mind we’ve ever had on Great Minds, lost in a control-obsessed spiral down the drain of perfectionism. Which is…that’s me! That’s what I’m always doing! Micromanaging! Why am I even doing this? Spencer, get over here, you close the show … Okay, you’re not gonna keep doing it like that, right?”

Jason Sudeikis Plays Thomas Edison in the Latest […]