Jay Z Asks Clippers’ Chris Paul Why He Ran the Same Play 4 Times; Regular People Just Yell at TV Screen

Courtside confrontation.

Don’t you wish you were Jay Z? Only he gets to confront a Clipper when he’s grumpy about how the game is going. All you other Nets fans are just at home standing a foot away from the screen going, “Ahhh maaaan whaaat?!” and throwing Cheez-Its around the room. But Jay Z is taking action! Last night, the Clippers beat the Nets 105-95, a victory sealed when Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan ran the same pick-and-roll play four times in a row, and the Nets, because they are the Nets, did not do much to stop it. We’re not sure what happened before this Vine starts … it seems like Chris Paul and Jay Z are just grabbing each other’s arms for dear life. And then Jay gets down to business: “You ran that same play four times in a row, man. What’s that about?” Well, it’s hard to say why the Clippers did that, but my guess is they were probably trying to win the basketball game.

Jay Z Calls Out Clippers’ Chris Paul