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Jimmy Kimmel’s Eyes Basically Leapt Out of His Head When Gal Gadot Asked Him About Her Breasts

Having your jaw clatter to the floor and your eyes shoot across the room while still retaining your powers of sight and speech definitely qualifies as a superhuman ability, so congratulations, Jimmy Kimmel! Your very hilarious reaction to Gal Gadot’s questions about her breasts qualifies you to be in the Justice League. We shall call you Kimmelman. It turns out Gadot was referring to fans’ critique of her breast size in the Wonder Woman costume in Batman v Superman, a line of discussion that definitively proves people are horrible and have too much time on their hands. Hey! Maybe Kimmelman can defeat them! With fake viral clips! Have at it, dude. And God help you.

Kimmel Loses It Over Gal Gadot’s Breast Question