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J.J. Abrams’s Wife Told Him to Stop With the Lens Flares in His Movies, and Probably in Their Family Vacation Videos, Too

J.J. Abrams might be the biggest director in Hollywood right now, but J.J. Abrams’s wife seems to be the real power behind the throne. After all, PR exec Katie McGrath told J.J. to stop with the massive overuse of lens flares in the Star Trek movies, convinced him to do the Star Wars movies in the first place, and probably had some great advice about Felicity, too, but no one has that on the record. What if Katie McGrath is what’s really inside J.J.’s mystery box? And what if that mystery box is just a metaphor for his heart? And what if this metaphor is terrible?

J.J. Abrams’s Wife Said to Stop the Lens Flares