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John Legend Gives the Downton Abbey Theme Music Some Much-Needed Lyrics; Yes, of Course They Insult Edith

The dearly departed Downton Abbey managed to have terrible things befall Lady Edith at every possible turn, but not during the opening credits, which were merely a simple tour of the Crawley estate, accompanied by the winter of 2010–2011’s second-most-important piano melody (after “Runaway,” of course). Luckily, John Legend and his angelic voice added lyrics to the Downton theme on Kimmel last night. They point out how #DowntonSoWhite the cast is; how Bates is just the good kind of murderer; and, most important, how Edith is terrible. Okay, but how long until we get a remix with some bars from Laura Linney?

John Legend Adds Lyrics to the Downton Theme