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John Oliver Made ‘Donald Drumpf’ Hats So Hot That Even Jay Z Wanted One

John Oliver’s campaign to rename Donald Trump “Donald Drumpf” (his family’s original German surname) was his biggest hit of the year so far, re-invigorating the “Oliver-off” while also spurring a debate over whether or not the late-night host was indulging in the same ugly nativism he was criticizing Trump for. After selling out of “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hats in a week, you might have expected Oliver to be raking in the dough. Not true, he told his old pal Stephen Colbert on Monday night. “We sold [the hats] at cost,” he explained. “Which, you can imagine, HBO find[s] hilarious. What’s funnier than not making any money on an inexplicable hit?” One person who didn’t buy the hat? Jay Z, who, Oliver says, asked HBO to give him one for free. Oh, shit — he wants hats on hats on hats!

John Oliver Talks Donald Trump on Colbert