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’90s Kid Jonah Hill Is Writing and Directing a Movie About ’90s Kids in the ’90s Called Mid ’90s

Clean and rad and powerful. Photo: VALERIE MACON

The dream of the nineties has found its true champion not in Buzzfeed quizzes or reruns of Clueless, but in two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill. According to Variety, Hill has written the script for and will also direct Mid ’90s, which is “about a young boy coming up in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s learning life lessons with his skateboarding crew.” Hill, who was born in 1983 as is thus a ’90s kid by the “was a kid in the nineties” variation of the term, will not appear in the film himself, as he will be busy behind the director’s chair, cackling, “More Trapper Keepers in the shot. I said more Trapper Keepers! More! More! More!”

Jonah Hill to Make Directorial Debut on Mid ’90s