Jordan Schlansky Teaches Conan O’Brien All About His Favorite Body Groomer

Here’s a clip from last night’s Conan, where O’Brien meets with producer Jordan Schlansky to learn all about Jordan’s favorite body groomer. After Jordan recalls a very specific memory from 2004 when he spotted O’Brien’s “disgusting patch of red hair,” O’Brien lets him demonstrate the body groomer’s capabilities by grooming it off then explaining his process: “Where the hair starts and the hair ends, there’s a transition, and Mother Nature makes that transition very natural. However, when we interfere with Mother Nature, sometimes it looks a bit artificial. I feel I have left you with a natural looking upper buttock.” Conan’s response: “You’re the strangest person I’ve ever met. I professionally interview three people a day – I’ve been doing it 4, 5 days a week for 23 years. You’re the strangest man I’ve ever met.”

Jordan Schlansky Teaches Conan O’Brien All About His […]