Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Producing a Film About the KKK; He’ll Probably Play a Good Guy, So Your Crush on Him Is Safe

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Snowden biopic was pushed back to 2016 last fall, but that delay seems to have only made the actor redouble his efforts to beat out the competition and become Hollywood’s wokest white guy. Gordon-Levitt recently teamed up with Amazon Studios to develop a film about the beginnings of the Ku Klux Klan, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Much like The Birth of a Nation (though not the one that recently debuted at Sundance), the project, called K Troop, will take place during the rise of the Klan in the post–Civil War South. Gordon-Levitt will potentially star as Major Lewis Merrill, who led the U.S. Army’s efforts to suppress the white-supremacist organization in 1871. The producers are currently looking for a writer. Just don’t ask Donald Trump, as he’s not familiar with the organization in question.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Producing KKK Drama