Judge Denied Say Yes to the Dress Bride’s Injunction Against Airing Her Dress, Because, Hello, the Title

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Not since Black Phillip offered to help you live deliciously has a pretty dress been at the center of such emotional turmoil. Manhattan Supreme Court justice Nancy Bannon refused Say Yes to the Dress bride Alexandra Godino’s request to stop the TLC show from revealing her dress on tonight’s episode. Apparently, while Godino admits she signed the show’s releases while shopping for her gown, she also claims she had a verbal agreement with Half Yard Productions producers not to air her episode prior to her May wedding. As the cute little marzipan bride and groom on top of the legal sundae, TMZ reports that “when the judge asked if Godino could just ask her fiancé to not watch the episode, Godino’s attorney replied, ‘She could.’ ” It sure would be a shame if someone were to call her fiancé up and describe in florid detail his bride’s wedding dress. “Uh, okay, she’s on now. It’s … white and … long and, you know, they all kind of look exactly the same if you think about it. Ugh, now they are cutting to a different bride, and, boy, is her grandma opinionated! Good luck finding a blush dress, Memaw!”

Judge Denies Say Yes to the Dress Injunction