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Kanye West, Big Fan of Torrents, Probably Won’t Mind That The Life of Pablo Is Streaming on Pornhub

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Kanye and porn go hand in hand (wink). Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Right now, there are only two places in the world you can hear Kanye West’s new album, The Life of Pablo: Tidal and everywhere else on the internet. Thanks to Kanye’s no-sale rule and indefinite Tidal exclusivity, the album was reportedly illegally downloaded more than half a million times in a day, and now, Pornhub just made it even easier to hear it. As horny Reddit users have discovered, the home of every category of porn your libido lusts after is now also the home of TLOP, currently streaming in full. So, yes, you can quite literally listen to Kanye rap about bleached anuses while watching one at work. Pornhub launched its own record label in 2014 (and has since premiered a hilariously suggestive Waka Flocka music video), but this Kanye stream doesn’t appear to have anything to do with that.

Still, Kanye isn’t exactly in the position to complain that his “album of the life” has found new means to bypass the Tidal overlords: He does it, too! Just last night, when Kanye tweeted about day three of recording his new gamer-themed album, he shared a photo of the tabs open on his Fort Knox-level laptop, accidentally revealing that Kanye is just your average dude who uses The Pirate Bay for music plug-ins (and probably lots of porn). Pornhub wasn’t also one of those open tabs next to Sufjan at the time, but you can imagine it is now.

Kanye’s TLOP Is Seriously Streaming on Pornhub