Kelly Clarkson Calls Her American Idol Performance an Emotional ‘Slip‘N Slide From Hell,’ Which Obviously Is Why We All Loved It

Someone needs to tell Kelly Clarkson that tearing up during a Kelly Clarkson song and/or sobbing during an American Idol performance are both on the litmus test for being a human being. They are on the form! Clarkson stopped by Ellen to apologize for moving the hearts and minds of America with her tearful performance last week. “I came off almost in tears for a different reason,” she admits. “Because I was so embarrassed.” Girl. This is what we all live for. If you’re listening to Kelly Clarkson, or any American Idol performance, and not getting at least a little misty-eyed thinking about hope and the human spirit, well then, why are you listening? Crying a little during American Idol is what holds humanity together. It’s why we evolved as a species to the point that we invented American Idol in order to to evoke emotions we must bury in order to function day to day. Never apologize for this, Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson Talks Crying on American Idol