Kevin Hart Launches VOD Content Service Called Laugh Out Loud: So, Can We Call It LOL for Short?

2016 Oscar Salute Hosted By Kevin Hart - Academy Awards Screening And After-Party
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Kevin Hart has launched a video-on-demand service, but, sadly, the name is not a pun on “Hart.” But it’s called Laugh Out Loud (a.k.a. LOL), so naming it after an internet acronym is just as good, obvious choice-wise. LOL is brought to us by a partnership between Hart and Lionsgate, and will be a hub for anything Hart makes or likes. This means scripted series, unscripted series, his favorite Lionsgate movies, and original content from other talented people that he likes. LOL will launch in the fall of 2016; until then, you will have to think longingly about this future Kevin Hart goldmine every time you type “LOL.”

Kevin Hart Launches VOD Content Service