Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Critics of Her Recent Nude Selfie, Knows Internet Beef Is a Dish Best Served Scalding-Hot and Thrown at Bette Midler

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Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Well, Kim Kardashian and Bette Midler are in a fight on Twitter, and it’s just as wonderful as you’d always dreamed. After several celebrities, including Midler, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Piers Morgan (in addition to a few-hundred-thousand absolute nobodies) criticized Kardashian for posting a nude selfie, Kim K. came for them each by name on Twitter. She also bragged about the almost obscene amount of money she made from her video game. Can you imagine publicly accusing Bette Midler of being a fake friend and demanding she send you nudes? Bette Midler nudes! Give Kim enough time, and eventually she will come for us all.

Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Critics of Nude Pic