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Kirsten Dunst Writes Good-bye Letters to Her Characters, Which Is Definitely Something Her Elizabethtown Character Might Do

Kirsten Dunst checked in to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to talk about saying good-bye to Peggy Blomquist, the ambitious hairdresser she played in the second season of Fargo. (That’s not a spoiler — it’s an anthology series!) As it turns out, the actress has a handy way of getting over the end of a role: She writes thank-you letters to her characters, to acknowledge all the great times they had living inside her. It’s a very cool idea, but does it work for people who aren’t actors? “Thank you, post about Kirsten Dunst’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. You were a lovely post. I treasured every minute I spent writing you.” Wow, feels better already.

Kirsten Dunst Writes Letters to Her Characters