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L.A. Rams Head to HBO’s Hard Knocks to Learn How Hard the Knocks Can Be (Spoiler Alert: Really Hard)

NFL 2016: Rams vs 49ers DEC 03

Now you can see the Los Angeles Rams on TV! Well, you could already watch the Rams on TV, but now, you know, more so. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, HBO’s docuseries Hard Knocks will follow the newly relocated team during their first NFL season back in Los Angeles, focusing largely on players’ training-camp experience and their move from St. Louis. The show, produced by NFL Films and now in its 11th season, will premiere August 9, after which the Rams will be huge stars. Well, they’re already huge, and they are already stars in the sports world. So, you know, more of that.

L.A. Rams Headed to HBO’s Hard Knocks