‘Last Week Tonight’s ‘Donald Drumpf’ Episode Has Broken HBO Viewing Records

Despite how much he hates Donald Trump, John Oliver has the Republican presidential hopeful to thank for his most viewed Last Week Tonight episode ever. According to CNN Money, Oliver’s “Donald Drumpf” segment from February (you can watch it here) has broken viewership records not just for Last Week Tonight but HBO in general with over 23 million YouTube views and over 62 million Facebook views, which an HBO rep called “a record for any piece of HBO content.”

Prior to the “Drumpf” segment, Oliver’s most-viewed video was his FIFA breakdown from 2014, which currently has over 12.5 million YouTube views. Last Week Tonight was pretty late with its Trump coverage compared to other late night shows – Oliver admitted to Stephen Colbert back in October that he “couldn’t give less of a shit” about Trump at the time: “It’s the 2016 election and it’s 2015 right now, so I don’t care until we’re in the same year as the thing that I’m supposed to care about.” Thankfully, the waiting paid off for Oliver and crew in a big way.

‘Last Week Tonight’s ‘Donald Drumpf’ Episode Has […]