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Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple Will Be Revived As a TV Movie; Olmec Set to Produce

Olmec and some other guy. Photo: Nickelodeon

Put in your mouth guard and jump on that trampoline covered in balls, because Legends of the Hidden Temple is back! Nostalgia culture is big, and Nickelodeon knows it. That’s why they’re reviving ‘90s shows like Legends and Hey Arnold as TV movies. Variety reports, Cyma Zarghami, president of Viacom’s cable networks aimed at kids and families, said that bringing ‘90s shows back was an idea from interns more than five years ago. According to Zarghami, “Interest in the Nick library was becoming louder and louder and louder” thanks to ‘90s kids on social media. So executives aim to revive shows that will appeal to young parents and their kids, too. The Legends movie will be released this year, and will feature Isabela Moner, known from her role on Nickelodeon’s 100 Things to Do Before High School, and Olmec, known from his role as a giant face on a rock in the original Legends. The Hey Arnold two-parter movie will be released in 2017, football head.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Revived As TV Movie