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The New Lego Batman Movie Trailer Reveals Batman’s Greatest Fear: Being a Dad

You would think the Joker or Clayface might be Batman’s greatest nemesis, but the prospect of being driven insane or having his face smashed in by giant semi-molten fists pales in comparison to the Dark Knight’s deepest fear: having a family. While the previous trailers (which you can watch below) focused more the high jinks of Lego Batman (voiced by Will Arnett), the latest spot makes the astute observation that his parents’ senseless murders might have made relationships a tad complicated for Bruce Wayne. Enter Michael Cera’s Robin, a spastic orphan who loves superheroing almost as much as he hates pants. Batman is fine with exploding cityscapes and giant mecha battles, but the no-pants thing, it’s a step too far. Might as well unleash the snake clowns. Here’s hoping Ben Affleck’s The Batman is as fun and emotionally grounded.

The movie hits theaters in 2017.

Lego Batman Trailer: Zero Darkness, Zero Grit