Leo DiCaprio Loosely Keeps Track of His Oscar While Partying, Which Would Not Be an Issue If You Could Vape Out of That Thing

You’re telling me there’s not a member of the Pussy Posse that is solely designated to hold and attend to Leonardo DiCaprio’s inevitable Oscar? Well then, who is their Turtle? Who is their Turtle? Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly reunited with his longtime gang of party bros, which includes Lukas Haas and Tobey Maguire, to celebrate his Oscar victory. For as much as he (read: we as a nation) wanted Leo to win the award, DiCaprio was seemingly playing fast and loose with its safety and well-being. According to “Page Six”:

“A couple of the guys kept standing on the couch and lifting the Oscar and passing it around,” says the spy. And rather like a scene from his movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” the crew was howling and chanting, “Wolf pack, wolf pack, wolf pack.”

That quantity of hand oils cannot be good for a statuette! (Also, nice try, guys, but you already have a very well-established nickname.) TMZ later posted a video of DiCaprio leaving the restaurant Ago in West Hollywood and someone runs up to the car to hand him back his Oscar. “Give that to Dan right there,” DiCaprio replies. Why didn’t Dan have it in the first place? What is happening? Based on the video, misplacing his Oscar would clearly not have been an issue had Leo been able to vape out of it. A vape-Oscar would not have left his hand. Perhaps “an Oscar you can vape out of” is Leonardo DiCaprio’s next “regular Oscar you get for being a great actor.”

Leo DiCaprio Not Keeping Great Track of Oscar