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Louis C.K. Promotes Horace and Pete by Explaining Why He Didn’t Want to Promote Horace and Pete

If you’re just a casual fan of Louis C.K., you might not know that he has a new show, Horace and Pete, in which he and Steve Buscemi play bar owners in an ungentrified corner of Brooklyn. That’s by design: The show doesn’t air on TV or a streaming site — you have to buy it from Louis directly — and he’s deliberately not done any press for it. In fact, as he told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, “This is the first time I’ve told anybody out loud, with my voice, that the show is on the air.” Why is that? Because, he hates the way that ad campaigns give away all the exciting stuff beforehand. Also, they’re slightly dishonest. “I think when a show’s promoted, there should also be a cautionary [element], in equal amount,” he says. “’This show’s really great,’ but also, ‘You probably won’t like this show.’”

Louis C.K. Explains Horace and Pete Secrecy