The First Luke Cage Teaser Has Arrived and It’s Great

Mike Colter as Luke Cage in the show’s teaser. Photo: Marvel Entertainment

Viewers who stuck around through to the very end of the just-released second season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix got a special treat starring Harlem’s no. 1 unbreakable badass. There’s a post-credits scene that unveils our first footage from this fall’s much-anticipated Netflix-Marvel partnership, Marvel’s Luke Cage. For those without Netflix subscriptions, here’s a breakdown of the ten-second tidbit and a peek at the show’s logo.

While the Daredevil credits are finishing up, a message appears in the bottom-right corner, where the watch-the-next-episode preview window usually lives. “Not far from Hell’s Kitchen, another hero is rising in Harlem,” it reads. Hit play and you’re suddenly looking at the beautiful, bald head of Mike Colter, who plays the titular Cage. He’s slowly striding past a boxing ring.

We cut to three frightened men facing him, two of them holding guns. Back to Luke. “I guess you guys haven’t heard about me,” he calmly intones. The (presumably) bad guys start firing at him, but as we cut to a wide shot that reveals the location as a boxing gym, we see the bullets bounce right off of him after they tear through his jacket and hoodie. The non-gun-wielding guy has escaped into what looks like the gym’s front office, adorned with a Puerto Rican flag, photographs, and some fight posters. The bullets ricochet into it and the dude ducks behind a desk.

Back to Luke, taking the bullets impassively. One tears through a speed bag, then the shooting stops. A gunman looks on in astonishment. “I’m about sick of always having to buy new clothes,” Luke says, mildly irritated. Quick cut to the front office as one of the gunmen is thrown through its window. Then the gold-plated logo slams onto the screen while a clip from Nas’s “Made You Look” plays, with the M.C. spitting, “King of the town / yeah, I been that.” It’s only ten seconds, but man, it’s pretty freaking cool.

The Luke Cage logo, revealed. Photo: Marvel Entertainment
The First Luke Cage Teaser Has Arrived