send in the clowns

Madonna Has Tricycled Through All Other Possible Iterations of Human Being and Arrived at Clown Stand-up

If you are a comedy-loving Australian clown who’s also a Madonna fan but didn’t go to her concert yesterday, you blew it in a way that perhaps no one has ever blown it before. Apparently Madonna arrived onstage for her Melbourne “Tears of a Clown” concert last night dressed as a sort of sexy neon rococo Pagliacci on a tricycle. Then her trike fell over! The laughs didn’t stop there though, as Madonna sprinkled jokes through the show, including this gem: “Do you guys know how you kill a clown? You go for the juggler.” Say what you want about Madonna, she is a performer who never stops evolving. And just like with real evolution, the results can be both fantastically beautiful and disturbingly alien to the mind of man.

Madonna, Dressed as a Clown, Tells Clown Jokes