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Please Allow Madonna to Demonstrate How to Hardcore Flirt, With Brave Volunteer Gwendoline Christie

When you’re Madonna, there’s no need to beat around the bush. Particularly if the, ahem, bush you’re after belongs to the one and only Brienne of Tarth. On Saturday night, Madonna chose Gwendoline Christie to do her the honor of being the Rebel Heart Tour’s penultimate Unapologetic Bitch (a title Diplo, Amy Schumer, and Katy Perry have held before her). What followed was an impressive show of shameless flirting, which started with some spanking (but thankfully no breast-revealing) and peaked with Madonna reciprocating Gwendoline’s “I love you” like only Madonna can: “I want to fuck you.” And before you go accusing Madonna of being drunk, high, or crossing a line, Gwendoline would like you to know that she’d gladly return the favor here, in Westeros, in a galaxy far, far away —  literally, anywhere.

Madonna Flirts With Gwendoline Christie on Tour