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Marcia Clark Won’t Tell Ellen If She Made Out With Chris Darden, But What Does Her Body Language Say?

We know how the O.J. Simpson trial turned out. We know about the debacle with the glove and Faye Resnick’s tell-all, but what we still don’t know is what exactly happened between prosecutors Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, because they were looking awfully cozy. Clark has been back in the press, and she has steadfastly refused to confirm or deny whether anything happened romantically between them. She told Vulture, “I’m not going to answer because we both decided we just didn’t want to give that subject any traction,” which of course is the best way to get people to keep asking about it. So here comes Ellen, who loves some good gossip.

“He seemed like he was in love with you,” Ellen tells Clark. “It didn’t seem that way to me,” said Clark. “He was my partner and it was a really … I can’t tell you how important it was to have him there.” That’s a crucial pause there, because you can see her eyes flutter slightly, which might be her way of telegraphing It was really a special time for us, working late hours and dancing in the office. Then Ellen goes in for the kill, “Did y’all make out?” Clark doubles over on her right side, which we all know is the sexy side, and says “We danced,” and flicks her hair, which is her way of communicating, Yep, we def macked.

Marcia Clark Won’t Confirm or Deny Darden Kiss