Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimpanzee Bubbles Is Getting a Stop-Motion Movie, Would Probably Prefer a Banana Instead

Bubbles the Chimpanzee
Bubbles in the 1980s. Photo: Chase Roe/© Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

Because oddly framed takes on Michael Jackson are so hot right now, we’re finally getting that stop-motion animated film about Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles you were clamoring for. Yes, just as everyone had hoped, the celebrity primate will get the Anomalisa treatment in a new film executive-produced by Dan Harmon, who also executive-produced that despairing Charlie Kaufman feature and also — have you heard? — created Community. Isaac Adamsonson wrote the script for Bubbles, which gives an unauthorized take on the singer’s life through the perspective of the chimp he adopted in 1983. Bubbles himself has retired to Florida and has no comment on the news, aside from a few grunts and some thrown feces.

Michael Jackson’s Chimp Gets Stop-Motion Movie