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Netflix Is Making Will Smith’s Orc-Cop Movie; Also, Joel Edgerton Is Playing the Orc Cop

“Supernatural cop dramas with Will Smith” must be its own Netflix category.

Will Smith’s supernatural cop drama Bright from David Ayer (Suicide Squad) is heading to Netflix, which is apparently big enough to make Will Smith movies now. Also, in much more exciting news, we have confirmation that Joel Edgerton will be playing the orc cop in the movie (yes, this is that movie with an orc cop). Bright is set in a world where magical creatures live in harmony with humans, and it follows Smith and Edgerton’s quest to find a powerful wand, which “unsavory elements are prepared to kill for” — basically, this is more of a Men in Black Will Smith movie than a Concussion Will Smith movie. Brace for the trend pieces, both about the rise of streaming services and because, after a post-LOTR lull, orcs are staging a comeback.

Netflix Buys Will Smith’s Orc-Cop Drama